Monday, 21 May 2012

Navy Blue Waistcoat and Trouser

Well, I decided to make something for my son. Last time I tried making him a trouser it took two days with a lot of headache and rough finishing on the inside. This time around I made him this waistcoat and trouser in navy blue corduroy. The process was surprisingly smooth, consumed a few hours (about 4hrs) and the inside is very neatly done and finished with the overlocker.

Trouser, back view with pockets and carriers.
Plan was to achieve a 'formal look' using causal fabric. I think I achieved this look.

He probably thinks pics was for a toothpaste advert...
Just joking. lol.

This burda waistcoat was used.
I must say the waistcoat worked well for the semi formal look.

Inside the waistcoat...

Back view.
At least he doesn't have to feel bad when am taking pictures of the girls for the blog. He is here now. :)
Thanks for visiting. hope to see you again.

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Until we meet again...


  1. This is really lovely. Its good to see some boys clothes, and I like the poises too.

    1. Thank you so much craftyjoy. However I don't know if I can do much 'boy clothes' as I feel they are more time consuming but lets wait and see. :)


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