Thursday, 14 June 2012

Jubilee Colour Blocking

One of the people that inspired me into colour blocking is Erica B.
decided to use the jubilee colours or Tommy's (navy blue, white and red) which ever you prefer. lol

I love how easily it came together, was actually inspired by this pattern from Burdastyle.

From Burdastyle.

Decided to add piping as and extra detail.
Quite pleased with result. Would have added link for piping tutorial, but just kept technique in my head. Will try to document all my sources henceforth.

Busy licking a sweet!!!
clearer piping detail...

How else could I get her to agree a photo shoot?
And how did I finish the back?

...with three buttons blue white red of course. :)

This is all for now.
I have tons of ideas of colour blocking, should make more sometime soon.

Regards to you and yours.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Easy Red Birthday dress.

Its was one week to my birthday and I realized I didn't have anything to wear!!!
well I mean, nothing new. lol. ok, I then decided to make something, simple, quick but of course nice!!!

I used butterick 5463, the long sleeve orange version. this I made longer to turn it into a dress.

I must say it was simple quick (under 2hrs for sewing)

Don't you just love the lace detail.
In case you think I did the lace inserts, no. The lace detail was part of the fabric border print.
One thing that actually took time was cuting out the fabric. Although it was just two pieces, one front one back, then the sleeves and facings for the neck. I adjusted the pattern neck, (original neck was too wide for me) making sure the front and back lace part lined up took some time.

My idea of 'simple but nice'

Overall I am happy with my 'easy' birthday dress. Got a lot of compliments too.

Thanks for visiting.
Come back soon.