Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A canvas for a beautiful girl

Made a canvas for a little girl. It is a constant reminder to her of how truly beautiful she is. Also of how thoughtful God was in creating her.

Some of the things our children need to told to know that they are special indeed.

At the Christian Resource Exhibition CRE

This May for the first time we exhibited our products at the Christian Resource Exhibition
This exhibition was for four days.
As a new company we wanted to make our presence known. To get our products known.
It been an amazing journey so far to come from having a vision for interior decoration using embroidery with a focus on the word of God.

Setting up at the CRE. Phew! It only took one month from finding out about the CRE to get to this point. One very intensive month as you can imagine!!

At the Christian resources exhibition (CRE) in Excel, docklands, London.

Finally set up.... you can imagine the excitement I am feeling right now. As first timers, the atmosphere was daunting at first, however we were relived after the enthusiasm shown by delegates on seeing the products on display.

 Below are pictures of some of our neighbors at the exhibition.

It was a good experience with lots of highlights in our journey.