Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spicing Up Black

I was given two black dresses for the girls, and this is what i did to spice it up.

Am sure you’re thinking ‘black for girls, why?’ who would make a black dress for little girls, anyway how can an imaginative seamstress (i hope) like me refuse anything i know i can work on, right?
So i gladly took it and decided to spice it up with an orange bolero and orange trimmings.

Original dress

The embellished flower detail. 
  How a little detail could make all the difference.

Extra pins to prevent stretch.
Tips: when sewing stretch fabric (the orange fabric, a polyester blend of some sort has some stretch) put in a lot pins like in the picture to prevent the fabric stretching as you sew. The seams were sewn without removing the pins.

Can you see the square patch?  I burnt that part while ironing so i cut a small piece of lining , hemmed it all around  and  ironed it on with a bond a web. lol

This one has been finished with a button at the top for closure, but am not yet sure that is the right colour button to use. might change it into a round cream button??

Finished Product

The bolero pattern used is the same one used in the velvet bolero. Will be doing a tutorial on that soon for anyone interested in a bit of pattern alteration. :)
Now my dress is much better i can wear it out and look flash.  (but with shoes  mummy)

You can see her holding my phone, she wont have agreed to be my model (which she did well) without it. ha ha
This is all for now. Until time permits, Adios.
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  1. This is really lovely. Well spiced up if I do say so I do say so.

  2. That bolero is so nice!! I want one!

    1. Ha ha ha. I know. And it goes so well on the black. They look so formal and cute wearing them. Thanks.


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