Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A-Line Dress Variation

I love easy fixes. My fastest 'easy' dresses usually takes up to four hours from start to finish after cutting.
so I have been thinking of how to shorten this time???
Eliminate steps like seam lines, zips, linings might be the way forward.
That's how I came up with this fully lined (I much prefer lining my dresses :) ) button at the shoudler dress.
The back zip/button and the whole back seam line has been eliminated.

Only a button at each shoulder
Both front and back was cut on a fold.
Tip: If the fabric used for the dress/top is light weightily, interface the shoulder properly before sewing in the button hole this is so that the weight of the dress and normal wear/movement does not exert too much pressure to the button hole which will cause the fabric to widen unnecessarily at the shoulders. Heavy weight fabric like denim, corduroy should not be so affected but could still be interfaced.
I had to double the interfacing I used, I didn't really have a heavy weight interfacing.(when i noticed the fabric seems to be pulled down during our photo shoot.

A skirt attached to a shortened regular top bodice piece
I also love mixes (as in) the top bodice is crepe satin and the skirt is some fabric with flowers embroidered into it. you will have guess by now that 1 dont know much about fabrics, lol.
the peach fabric however brings out the flowers of the skirt more.

Top bodice altered from regular girls top pattern
All I did was take a the top part of a dress pattern and remove 1" (inch) from the length of both the front and back to get an 'empire effect' top which i then used to cut my fabric.
the skirt was just an a-line cut skirt attached to top.
(I have got quite a few variations to the standard a-line, will keep them coming.)

Did i hear you ask how long this 'easy fix' took? well about three hours. I still need to work on my timing I know!!

....As long as there is a happy bunny (or in this case two) its all worth it.

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