Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Shirred Skirt (with tutorial)

My sister showed me the picture of a skirt she saw in an online clothing store, and she wanted me to make one for her.

Blue (Blue) Blue Paperbag Mini Skirt | 245086640 | New Look
Original Skirt from store.

I would rather refer to it has the shirred skirt.
The skirt is made with light to medium weight  shirred at the waist, with belt loops for a belt to hold the skirt firmly to the waist.
it looks pretty simple to make, made the skirt in about one hour and the belt loops took about 45 mins. this will be included as part of my 'Easy fixes' and I will be showing you how to make one.

Measure your waist and cut 2x of your measurement as the width
Decide how long you want the length to be and add 3inch the length. (1.5" for hemming on top and 1.5" for hemming the bottom)
for illustration purposes. the measured waist was 30" (76cm) and desired length was 20" (51cm)
so i cut out two pieces of fabric width 30" and length 23" (59cm)

Hem both pieces at top of skirt only
Change the bobbin thread for a shirred elastic thread. (without any extra pressure or pull, wrap the elastic thread on to the bobbin and return in the machine.)
Sew as normal. although I increased the pressure of machine by one digit i.e from a 3 to a 4
Make 5 rows of shirring with 0.5"  (1cm) spacing between each row.

 Remembering to lock the stitches at the start and end of each row. At the end of each row, I lock stitch, lift up presser foot, turn fabric in other direction and kept sewing.

Join the fabric pieces together at the sides.

Hem the bottom of the skirt. (I finished the insides with an overlocker, you could use bias binding, pinking shears.. to finish)

Next is belt loops.
Cut a strip of fabric about 2" wide and 18" long.
Finish the sides eg pinking shears ( i overlocked) fold in both sides, Iron and sew to secure

Measure about 2.5" and out out 6 pieces.

 The tips are folded and this is then attached to skirt at the two edges to secure in place.

Your skirt is ready

Just don't miss out a belt loop as she did.
She decided she would rather use a purchased belt with this skirt, its up to you however if you want to make the accompanying fabric belt :)

Until something else interesting comes up, Adios.

Ever so grateful you came, hoping you learnt a thing or two. ha.


  1. aah, I love this skirt. I'm rummaging through my fabrics in my head to dig out one for this skirt.

    Your tutorial is easy to follow and the images are clear.

    But girl why did the skirt loops take 45 minutes?

  2. Hi ifeirete, am happy you like the skirt. Hope you make one. Well for the loops, finishing the edge off and most especially attaching it to the main skirt at the two ends did take time. Lol. Maybe for you it wont take that much time.


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