Sunday, 22 April 2012

Green and Gold Dress

Saw this fabric in the shops and fell in love with it. Seems a bit dull so I decided to mix it up with some gold. Mixing up fabric is well up my street as you will notice soon. :-) The fabric does fray a bit (as in a lot) so I've had to overlock every bit of the inside.

 Can the see the gold 'infuse' on the sleeve? Copied the idea from a vogue pattern, would have added pictures but can't seem to find pattern image on their site anymore. The sun is making the fabric look faded, it does look better in real life.

Newlook pattern 6824 used. Bit of a mix and match of the princess seam, gathered sleeve detail and sash.

Back pleat detail.

Notice the 'look' of the back? That was also from another vogue pattern which has pleats at the skirt back edgestitched for about 5" in length only. This design is not so obvious from a distance due to the fabric pattern.

Don't ask me why i am wearing boots on a seemingly sunny day. lol
When I checked the weather forecast before leaving home it was supposed to be a cold day. As the day wore on, the sun came out and it got warmer. How embarrassing to be in such hot boots. lol

 Overall I am very happy with this dress, it took two days and was very uneventful. (isn't that what we always want.) I.e things went smoothly just as predicted. Well except for one little detail. I wanted full long sleeves with this dress, assumed pattern piece was, joined sleeves to bodice only to find out it was 3/4 in length, ha aha, but it still looked good.

Until the next inspiration, the next creation...


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  2. I think it looks better as a 3/4 sleeves. Good effort.

  3. Thanks. I enjoy it as a 3/4 sleeve now. Ha ha.

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    1. Thanks ever so much. Glad it worked out. Just finished making a silver dress, convincing myself not to throw in the bin. Lol.


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