Sunday, 26 August 2012

Lace Peplum/Dress

It's so hot, mummy !!
We went to Paris for a wedding this August. One of the themes of the wedding was to wear something purple and since I was blessed (given) this fabric earlier in the year, i decided to use it for myself and the girls. Also made a trouser with waistcoat for the boy but that is not featured here.
By the way temperatures that weekend reached up to (38°C = 100.4°F). It was sooo hot. So the frowns in the pictures are not real frowns :) but due to the sun.

Top bodice and peplum of my dress is self drafted. :)  yes, I am planning to eventually move away from store bought patterns because they are so limiting in designs and size variations.

Peplum was drafted by using the idea of a simple circle skirt. Total length was just about 11" long, width was my waist size.

Back View.
Don't have a picture for my back view but its pretty much similar to front view, peplum goes all the way around.

Used 'pinks' i.e bows, shoe to compliment their purple dresses.

Why the ribbon running down the centre front of the girls you say? Well i realised after cutting the top pattern that it was slightly bigger than i wanted, so i sewed about 1/4th inch seam allowance right sides together and ended up with a line down the centre which i covered with the ribbon. In fashion a mistake normally leads to another fashion invention. lol. it turned out OK i guess. 

Notice the purple trim detail on the peplum?

While we wait for the coach to pick us from the registry to the wedding reception venue...
Probably wanted a drink at that time.

That's a picture of myself and one of the girls. We mostly survived on drinks because of the heat.
The wedding itself was beautiful and fully romantic if I must say. The bride and groom were both adorable.

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  1. Just found your blog via the peplum dress on Burdastyle. It is GORGEOUS. I love it. It really suits you. I love this style - must try and make something similar for myself :-))

    1. Thanks Janet, I think peplum can look good on a lot of people. :) Also easy to put together, i just sandwiched it between the top bodice and skirt and sewed it all together in one go. Do try it. cheers.

  2. Truly lovely designs my dear, you and your girls are beautiful, keep sewing, you've great style. J

  3. Purple is my FAVORITE color so these 3 are a definite hit in my book! I love that you've matched the children with yourself, I want to do that if I can ever sew for myself-LOL!

    1. These dresses are definitely one of my favourites. This is because of the fabric and the simplicity of the dresses. They were quite fast and stress free to make too. Do you sew for your children? You can just start with making simple things for yourself and go from there. there are quite a few good tutorials out there in different blogs. You can also try pinterest, that's where I get a lot of my inspirations from. Thanks again.


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