Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Boys Shirt, waistcoat and trouser

Decided to try my hands on making a shirt for the boy, before now things like collars and placket used to put some fear into me, Used Burda pattern 9792 and made the long sleeved version.

Overlocked the seams to achieve a 'clean' look.
Took me about 4 hours to make this shirt, and I am happy I tried. the collar for this pattern in a single piece, guessing simpler than the two piece version. 

9792 Shirt   : Burda Pattern : sizes: 2   to 6 years
Burda 9792

At least now I am starting to understand how collars and plackets work. 

Waistcoat and Trouser
This is the waistcoat and trouser I made for the Paris wedding. it was made using black corduroy fabric. It came through pretty quickly... as it as been made before in navy blue corduroy. I used the size 4 years pattern for my 4yrs old, so I would say it is true to size for him.

Burda 9781

Some people have problems understand burda pattern instructions, but I must say I have had no problems with them. Although I did give the collar making part a very very good look to understand it.

Back View.

The bow in this last picture is a joke I know. Lol. My excuse is that I didn't have a pattern or sample to use in making it. :-)

Thanks for coming around.
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