Thursday, 29 November 2012

Brown Strawberry Dress.

we started to make our winter wardrobe early.
One good thing about making clothes is !You decide, you design!
So we decided on lots of long sleeves, warm fabrics and jackets. (Haven't had time to make the jackets yet though.)
Been really busy sorting out our collection that's why we have not been in the blog world lately.

This is a dress made in chocolate brown corduroy. Its got a strip of brown corduroy with red/white trimmings on both sides. This trimmings was edged stitiched on the brown strip of corduroy. 
Started using design elements that the girls will love hence the strawberry buttons.
When the dress was made and they were asked to wear for fitting they both refused, which is nothing new..

  until they saw the strawberies!!! they happily wore the dress and didn't want to get it off.

Same trimmings was added to lower part of skirt which has another gathered layer attached to it.

More strawberries at the back.

Back view of dress.

Not a very clear picture but you can see some excitement over the buttons. lol.

9564 Dress  : Burda Pattern : sizes:  2  to 7 years
The sleeves was made using this burdastyle pattern  9564

Well, another winter collection will be on its way shortly.


  1. They're so cute! The dresses are lovely, and have such cool buttons!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Yes they love the buttons, if they could they would remove it and try to eat them lol.

  2. I assume the little girls are twins - how cute (I can say that being a twin myself).

    Beautiful dresses and little girls.

    1. Yes they are twins, people struggle to tell the difference but not us. That's part of the reason I started making our clothes instead of looking for two pairs each time we go shopping, :) Thanks for your comments.

  3. Lovely girls and oh yes lovely dresses:)

  4. U inspire me so much! U make me wanna get sewing!

    1. Bring out the machineeee. lol. what type of machine do you use. Domestic or industrial. I just ordered this industrial and can't wait to start using it, still have to set it up. Nice to know you are inspired. :)

  5. Beautiful children! Love your designs and tutorials.


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