Thursday, 13 December 2012

Beige short sleeve dress

This is one of our winter dresses and with some sort of wool mix.
This dress is not lined  (quite unlike me but which I want to be doing more of now., at least for casual outfits)

This was made using burdastyle 9564  same as this dress  (the brown strawberry dress) 
Bias binding was used round the neck line, four chocolate buttons was used and cream  bows (just for the sake of it :)) attached to the sleeves and hem of the dress.

9564 Dress  : Burda Pattern : sizes:  2  to 7 years
Made with Burdastyle 9564


Could see myself making more of this kind of dresses as its a bit more grown up looking and not too 'girly', not that there is anything wrong with 'girly' dresses as we love 'girly' dresses.

...but finally managed a smiled.

Would like to call this part of 'my little lady collection'.

posted pictures in this post by mistake before finally editing and writing the words in. lol
Hope you like what you see and will be back.


  1. Ahhh these are the leather buttons, yes? I was eyeing some a while back for a vest/suit project for my son--I love these buttons. Another pretty dress by the way.

  2. Hi Tara, No this are 'leather-look' football buttons. Actually plastic but looks really nice and doesn't look plasticky.(if there is such a word) lol. If you weren't miles away would have sent you some as I got a pack of 50. :) Thanks for your nice comments.

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