Thursday, 6 June 2013

Girls Tutu Skirt

Since summer is official here, guess it is time to start to showcase summer.
This season is the easiest to make clothes for. You can get away with not lining dresses. I can't believe how many elastic waist skirts, and maxi dresses I have made already.

I made a pink tutu skirt for the girls because I know how much they like to dress like princesses.
Used this no sew treasures for tots tutu tutorial and was I glad I didn't have to sew it.. yes!!  Strange cos I thought I loved sewing. (Guess it was on project that couldn't go wrong if no sewing is involved)

Made the heart using diamant√© iron on.
I took a plain pink t shirt and applied some diamanté iron on. Made a 'star' on one shirt and 'heart' on the other to add some 'shine'

Anyway I bought this 6" tulle roll of 100 yards and used pretty much everything for the two tulles. Using the tutorial above (which was pretty easy and straight forward) I made mine with a finished length of 13". If making this tulle skirt my advice is that add a few more inches to the length you use as the tulle tends to compress itself and look shorter than it actually is.

Thanks to summer I have two happy tutu princesses.

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  1. The girls look so adorable! Very sweet. I was at a wedding recently and the flower girl wore a tutu. Y'all enjoy the summer!

  2. Two adorable, pretty little princesses! They look so happy and cute in their new tutus!

    1. Thanks Marie. :) Hopefully we will get a lot of wear from it in the summer months.

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    thanks for the tips


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