Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Black floral trousers

This post has been updated with pictures...

Saw this fabric.... loved it.

Butterick 4861

...saw this pattern, decided to make it in long grey version.

Everything went pretty smooth in the construction and was finished in one afternoon.
The only issue I find is it doesn't go with everything except white or black. Go figure.!
SassyT told me to try them with blue, and it goes. So guess I was wrong. lol

After this matching issue I decided that since I had full control over the things I make, before making anything up, I will find what it goes with, shoes, accessories etc, conclude on all this before making.

The fit is OK straight from the box, made a size 8, no bulging issues here or there.

That's all for now.
Until you visit again...


  1. I like this pattern I have got one too. And the long pants look elegant on you

  2. Ha thanks Craftyjoy, hope you Will be making up yours soon. Its really quite versatile.

  3. They look fab. Wouldn't blue go with them?

    1. Thanks Sassy, hmm... I haven't tried it with any other colour. Will try with a few other colours and see what goes. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  4. Love them! How about a bright pink or red, treat the print as a neutral, perhaps?

    1. Thanks prttynpnk, I stand corrected :) bright solid colours will probably be ok. Regards.


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