Saturday, 14 July 2012

Lace with Satin dress.

Was quite excited when I came up with the idea of mixing this little yardage of lace I had with satin left over from the girls birthday dress. As I got a bit tired of making (waistline) gathered dresses I wanted a full circle skirt...

Circle Skirt

...I got a full circle skirt. One of the girls actually loves to twirl around and around in her dresses, guess she would have enough fun in this dress.


Puff sleeve detail.
First time making a puff sleeve, it took about an hour to make four sleeves!! 
I gathered sleeve cap as normal and used shirring elastic to make three rows of shirring to the sleeve hem. I love how it turned out though.

Back view
Had a bit of issue getting a smooth line at the centre back when attaching the invisible zip to the skirt. (where the crease is). I sewed on zip three !! times, but still no luck and i just gave up. Does anyone know why this happens? never had problems with satin before now. :(

Purchased flower added as an embellishment.
Little flower detail added to the side.

Overall this turned out pretty OK, but I just don't feel a connection (if am allowed to say that!) with this outfit.
Maybe its the (plain) colour or I had higher expectations...
Can't even put my finger on it.
Anyway its done and they will wear it. Sure they will like the full skirt. :)

With regards to a comment I received from Marie, I always make two of everything but sometimes I use one girl (the more willing one) for a photo shoot because it is faster and easier to deal with one than two. :)

Until you have reason to be here, see you around.


  1. The dress is fine. The problem with the satin is that the section you are applying the zip to was cut on a bias since its a circle skirt.

    You could use a bit of tape along the edges of the skirt to stop it from stretching before you sew in the zip.

  2. Thanks for that, craftyjoy, it seems to explain it. will keep this in mind for next time. Many thanks.

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  4. What an enchantingly adorable princess in the lovely dress you created! I really like it The details are wonderful. Very nicely done.


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