Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Cream and Brown polka dot dress

Wanted to make a bubble dress for the girls, got this fabric and decided it was a perfect match.
Its some sort of satin polyester blend fabric. 

I just love this bubble dress.
Was going to use my simplicity pattern for this bubble but believe me I just didn't 'get' the instructions on the pattern about how to make the bubble so I decided to use my imagination. This worked out just fine.

Let me explain.
This is a fully lined dress. i made sure the length of the lining was shorter than length of dress fabric.
I sewed the hem seam before the waist seam.
Putting both fabric and lining together using normal seam allowances I sewed an elastic round the fabric +lining to create the gathers at the hem. 
when this was turned right side up, the bubble was formed.
Main principle is because lining is shorter than fabric, after it is sown together, lining pulls up the dress fabric and a bubble is form.
Sorry no pictures to explain, if you interested in full tutorial, let me know and will arrange one.

 Actually made dress in February. Was going to add extra details using same colour brown velvet fabric for a bow. I looked for over month and couldn't get brown velvet in the exact same shade!!!
Plan b was use any dress fabric in same shade. found that and bow was made.

This is the back view, can you see extra detail
This back detail idea was from simplicity 1913 but it was mostly used in front or at the side of the simplicity dresses

Love this dress so much we used it for our family picture.!
Got this fabric really cheap, wishing a bought more of it now... like a whole roll of it. lol. joking.

Stay tuned as although I haven't blogged a lot lately. I have made a lot. Once pictures are taken, they'll be here.
That's all for now...


  1. That dress is so cute! Did both of your girls get a dress a like that?

  2. Ha thanks Marie. Yes they both did. Always make two of everything. :) However one loves doing photo shoots more than the other. It also means I don't have to get two people ready for a shoot. Ha.

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